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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Horse Vitamins & Minerals

  • €14.95

    Foran Equine Copper-Max

    Chelated copper and zinc paste for optimal absorption Ideal for: All horses, especially those: Not receiving a daily feed Grazing on copper defici...

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  • Foran Equine Friska Foal -
    from €19.95

    Foran Equine Friska Foal

    Multivitamin and prebiotic syrup to support foal development and digestive health. Ideal for: Complementing mares milk in all foals up to weaning F...

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    Foran Equine Chevinal -
    from €17.95

    Foran Equine Chevinal

    The ultimate liquid multivitamin, mineral and essential amino acid supplement for optimal nutrition Ideal for: Performance horses where dietary in...

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  • Foran Equine Cal-Gro -
    from €49.95

    Foran Equine Cal-Gro

    Support the mare and developing foal through pregnancy and lactation with key minerals and antioxidants. Ideal for: In-foal or lactating mares Fea...

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    Foran Equine Coppervit -
    from €44.95

    Foran Equine Coppervit

    Chelated minerals, antioxidants, and B vitamins combined to support growth and development. Ideal for: Situations where nutritional deficiencies o...

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  • from €20.95

    Foran Equine B-Complete

    B vitamins with added prebiotic to support digestive health and appetite Ideal for:  Horses experiencing: Increased stress High energy demands and...

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  • Foran Equine Feratone Syrup -
    from €24.96

    Foran Equine Feratone

    Highly effective, short-term support to maximise red blood cell function and combat iron deficiency Ideal for: Performance horses Breeding stock H...

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