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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Berney Kildare Dressage Saddle


Berney Bros. Kildare Dressage saddle is specially designed to aid and support the rider in dressage. This saddle is made with top grain cow hide on the seat and knee cushions and top quality vegetable tanned leather which means it soft and supple, giving the rider that ridden in feeling early on. As with all of Berney’s saddles, this saddle is made with a laminated beech wood spring tree that is strength tested to the British Safety Standard. By using a spring tree we were able to achieve added shock absorbency while keeping the saddle lightweight. We designed the tree with a higher gullet plate and cut back head to accommodate the more blood horses with more prominent withers. The material we use to achieve the ultimate comfort and welfare for the horse is our fully leather lined panels flocked with pure new wool. The biggest advantage that this material provides against others is that it spreads the weight of impact over a bigger surface area allowing the horse full use of themselves. Pure new wool also retains its spring and shock absorbency over time and moulds to the shape of the horses back compensating for horses changing shape throughout the season. This traditionally styled dressage saddle has a deep seat and round cantle to give the rider a comfortable and secure seat position. The elegant straight cut flaps have soft cushioned knee pads and well positioned large knee blocks help the rider achieve a deeper classical seat whilst allowing full movement of the horse’s shoulders. The extended girth straps insure a closer contact between the horse and the rider’s lower leg. This saddle is available in sizes 17”, 17.5” and 18” for the rider. The fit refers to the shape and prominence of the horses withers. We find that a medium fit is perfect for 95% of horses. However if your horses has a very high wither, most commonly found with more blood horses then a narrow fit may be better and if your horse has a ‘mutton shoulder’ or relatively low withers then a wide fit would be better.