Berney Pony International Saddle

Berney Bros are aware that our young riders are the future stars of the equestrian world and we pride ourselves in delivering them a saddle that has the same level of integrity, craftsmanship, and innovation as our adult saddles. We are committed to developing our pony range of saddle to provide our riders with a competitive advantage. The Berney Pony International is our most innovative pony saddle to date. It was created by integrating the newest technology and innovations to provide the ultimate saddle for comfort, balance and performance for the pony and rider. Designed with our most premium French calf skin leather that gives the rider more grip that intensifies with use, and that ridden in feeling from day one. This saddle won’t be missed with its signature tan trim around the back of the saddle. Berney Bros. were able to provide the most comfort to the pony and rider by using a combination of orthopaedic memory foam, a spring tree, and wool flocked panels. The orthopaedic memory foam is embedded into the seat of the saddle and retains its spring and shock absorbency over time providing a really comfortable seat for the rider and aiding the pony by absorbing the impact of the rider’s movement. As with all of Berney’s saddles, this saddle is made with a laminated beech wood spring tree that is strength tested to the British Safety Standard. By using a spring tree we were able to achieve added shock absorbency while keeping the saddle lightweight. The third component we use to achieve the ultimate comfort and welfare for the pony is our fully leather lined panels flocked with pure new wool. The biggest advantage that this material provides against others is that it spreads the weight of impact over a bigger surface area allowing the pony full use of themselves. Pure new wool also retains its spring and shock absorbency over time and moulds to the shape of the ponies back compensating for them changing shape throughout the season.The pony international has been praised for its ‘balance’, the reason for this is that riders are able to get into a really good position in the saddle mainly because of the square cantle and knee and thigh blocks. The square cantle is a modern design that gives the rider more freedom when jumping and allows them to hold a good forward position for their jumping phases. The combination of the knee blocks with cushioned knee pads at the front and the thigh blocks at the back give the rider a definite and secure leg position. The knee blocks apply a gentle pressure above the knee to aid and support the rider in a more forward seat and then the thigh blocks are positioned behind the leg allowing plenty of scope for the lower leg to move when jumping but providing support when needed in cases where riders may be jumping down a drop out on the cross country course. This saddle is the ultimate jumping performance saddle. By having two flaps it suits a jumping rider that may want to alter their girth several times while warming up and just before they enter the competition arena. The two flap system allows quicker and easier access to the girth. This saddle is fitted with three buffalo hide girth straps that are attached to two separate cross over webs that are strong and durable. This saddle is available in a size 15” and 16” for the rider. We recommend a 15” for a starting age up 9 or 10 years of age and this saddle would be suitable for a 11h to 13h pony. The 16” is suitable for a rider approximately aged 9 and upwards, and would be suitable for a 13h pony to 15h.