Charles Owen eLumenAyr Suede Riding Helmet in Navy

Charles Owen eLumenAyr Suede Riding Helmet in Navy

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Charles Owen eLumenAyr Suede Riding Helmet in Navy


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The Charles Owen eLumenAyr Suede Riding Helmet is Charles Owen's first fully ventilated sparkly helmet; It unites high performance technology with dazzling shine.

With 12 ventilation slots and a removable Coolmax® headband, this low-profile helmet is designed to keep riders cool while providing a deep fit, secured by the six-point leather look GRpx® harness.

The Charles Owen eLumenAyr Microsuede Riding Hat features sparkly mesh over gloss paint which complements both microsuede and leather look options in black and navy.

Size Guide

How to size your head for a riding helmet

Using a soft fabric measuring tape, wrap it around the widest part of your head (over your hair).

It should follow a line about 3/4 inch above your eyebrows, just above the ear line and around the bump at the back of your head.

Take the measurement in centimetres (cm) and repeat a couple of times for the most accurate sizing.

Unlike most other helmet brands which rely on adjustable or broad size ranges (small/medium/large), Charles Owen sizing is very specific because that ensures the safest and most comfortable fit.

Use the size chart table below to convert your head size into a standard riding hat or jockey skull cap size.

Head size (cm) Helmet Size Skull Cap Size
49 6 000
50 6 1/8 000 1/2
51 6 1/4 00
52 6 3/8 00 1/2
53 6 1/2 0
54 6 5/8 0 1/2
55 6 3/4 1
56 6 7/8 1 1/2
57 7 2
58 7 1/8 2 1/2
59 7 1/4 3
60 7 3/8 3 1/2
61 7 1/2 4
62 7 5/8 4 1/2
63 7 3/4 5
64 7 7/8 5 1/2
65 8 6

If you are between two sizes, round up to the larger size, or ideally try on helmets in both to determine which one gives the most snug fitting.

About Charles Owen

For over 100 years, Charles Owen has manufactured world-leading riding helmets in Britain. Premium horse riding hats with safety and style at the forefront.

Every Charles Owen riding hat is handmade in Great Britain by skilled technicians, using the highest quality materials.