Foran Equine Chevinal Extra Pellets

A pellet based vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement.

Suitable for: All horses, including youngstock.

Ideal for boosting nutrient intake in performance horses.

Horses in competition or training have elevated nutrient requirements and will benefit from a correctly balanced diet and a boost of vitamins and minerals. Recovery is equally as important and additional nutrients will help with muscle recovery, rebuilding of condition and maintaining overall immune function.

Flexible feeding suitable for any horse including young horses. Easy to feed small pellets can be used in varying amounts to meet the needs of growth or workload.

Palatable Formulation

Blended with soya and maize, the pellets are appetising and can even be fed alone to balance out a forage based diet.

Easy to use with any diet

Easily used to boost an existing balanced diet or top up requirements at times of reduced dietary intake. Chevinal Extra can be used to balance out a diet of forage and/or grains.