Foran Equine Pro-Am Prep

Unique liquid pre-digested protein with B vitamins and Vitamin E to support muscle growth. 

Suitable for: Sales Preparation, Mares, Stallions

Pro-Am Prep is a unique source of concentrated hydrolysed protein. Hydrolysed protein is pre-digested so that its amino acids can be rapidly absorbed and used within the body. Periods of rapid growth or high metabolic demand such as sales preparation, stallion covering season, late gestation in mares have increased protein requirements. Pro-Am Prep is designed to quickly and easily meet those increased protein needs.

Glutamine, an amino acid, can be reduced in periods of stress. Glutamine is used as an energy source, supports the immune system, maintains gut health and aids gut absorption. Pro-Am Prep is a rich source of readily available glutamine. Pro-Am Prep also provides all 10 essential amino acids in an easy to utilise form. Lysine and threonine, growth limiting amino acids in the horse, are also provided in Pro-Am Prep.

Pro-Am Prep also contains B vitamins for optimum energy and protein utilisation within the cell, along with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to protect against cellular injury.