Foran Equine Shy Feeder

Syrup based concentrated B-Vitamin supplement.

Suitable for: Fussy feeders, horses in competition or training, nervous horses . 

Performance horses experience work stress and compromised gut health on a daily basis, which can compromise the horse’s natural ability to produce and absorb B vitamins. This can be easily resolved with by using Shy Feeder. B vitamin supplementation is also beneficial to nervous horses. B vitamins help optimize and regulate energy release from feed.

For fussy feeders, the sweet syrup base is particularly palatable and the additional B vitamins promote good appetite.

Mares and foals

Mares will naturally have a reduced appetite in late pregnancy, and when stabled this typically results in a low B vitamin intake. Shy feeder is an easy way to restore the balance and ensure good body function in preparation for lactation. Foals that have to be stabled or yearlings at time of sales preparation will also benefit from a palatable supply of B vitamins to help combat stress and encourage good growth and development.