Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules
Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules
Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules
Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules
Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules
Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules

Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules

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Pampeano Dog Collar in Azules


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Pampeano offers unsurpassed quality, with its range of Argentine leather and stainless steel dog collars.

Inspired and produced by traditional craftsmen, these dog collars are a celebration of the Andes mountains and a sure to please collar for those that demand quality.

This Azules range is a celebration of blue, reflecting the skies and waters of Argentina and all their potential for discovery and adventure. 

This raw product is well suited to the finished collars which are woven with pampa diamonds, inspired by the Andes, using naturally dyed threads.

To ensure a long lasting quality product these threads are also waxed, making them extra hard wearing for those long walks.

  • Argentine Top Grain cow leather completed with a strong stainless steel buckle and D ring in antique brass colour for secure lead attachments.
  • Do not machine wash.


To maintain the richness of the leather, you should nourish it with a good leather conditioner every so often.

Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth and rub into the leather. Use a separate cloth to buff it until all of the conditioner has been absorbed.

Try and keep your dog collar dry. If it does get wet, just blot with a towel as soon as possible and let it air dry.

Do not machine wash.

Size Guide

To select the correct Pampeano dog collar, measure your dog's existing collar up to the hole he usually wears it on.

Select the Pampeano collar which has the measurement to the second hole closest to your measurement.

Alternatively, measure your dog's neck and select the second hole measurment that is closest.

Full length 35 cm 40 cm 45 cm 50 cm 55 cm 60 cm 65 cm 45 cm
Measurement to 2nd hole 26 cm 31 cm 36 cm 42 cm 48 cm 54 cm 59 cm 36 cm
Width 1.5 cm 1.5 cm 1.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5 cm 2.5cm / 6 cm
Breed example Chihuahua Jack Russell Beagle Border Collie Labrador German Shepherd Mastiff Lurcher, Greyhound

About Pompeano

Pampeano means “from La Pampa”, a wild region of Argentina renowned for its stunning, panoramic views and sun-drenched estancias; the region where Pampeano was founded, and where their luxury leather accessories are still hand-made today.

Inspired by South America’s rich heritage of unrivalled horsemanship and traditional leather work, Pampeano evolved from the polo fields of central Argentina, providing teams with their colours using intricately hand-woven leather polo belts; to becoming a leader in technical polo equipment.

Today, Pampeano’s exquisite, traditionally made, quality leather goods are treasured by those that appreciate the simplicity, beauty, and freedom of the South American lifestyle. 

commitment to quality, artisan handcraft, borne from tradition, design and vibrancy.