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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Red Mills & Dapple Saddle Pad & Fly Veil Set

Original price €84.98
Current price €74.99

As worn by #redmillsriders Esib Power, Cathal Daniels, and Charlotte Bacon. RED MILLS are proud to collaborate with Dapple Equestrian on this exclusive range.

This beautifully crafted Navy Saddle Pad with classic red piping combines elegance, style, and durability. All Dapple Saddle Pads are mesh-lined to wick away sweat.

Dapple's beautifully crafted Fly Veils combine elegance, style, and durability. These Fly Veils have elasticated ear fabric for a more comfortable fit.

Dapple is a new Irish based equestrian company specializing in elegant and stylish equestrian wear for the horse and rider. The Dapple brand combines high quality and superior fabric, together with creativity, innovation, and cutting edge design for the horse and rider to enjoy together.