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Free Shipping on orders over €25
Free Shipping on orders over €25

Stablemate by AGMA - DIS-IN-FECT


Do you have a Deep Clean due? Turned your horses out for the summer?

Looking for an affordable, quality STABLE DISINFECTANT?

Professional Biosecurity assistance for the animal environment.

DEFRA approved and validated to effective against Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular Disease, Avian Influenza, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores and fungi.

DIS-IN-FECT is DEFRA approved for general orders at a dilution rate of 1 DIS-IN-FECT tablet to 1.7 litres of water or 3 tablets in 5 litres.

  • Versatile for daily routine disinfection use in all livestock facilities, stables, kennels, markets, holding pens, transport and veterinary.
  • Long shelf life, up to 5 years, waste from discarding unused out of date product should be eliminated.
  • Easy to handle and dose accurately by simply adding a tablet to the specified volume of water for the required application.
  • Cost effective with considerable savings over other disinfectant systems.

IMPORTANT! Prior to using DIS-IN-FECT a detergent clean is recommended. Stablemate by AGMA cleaners STABLECLEANSE or BOXFRESH are ideal.