Are Omegas Good For Puppies?

Are Omegas Good For Puppies?

Are omegas good for your puppy? Should we be doing more to ensure they're getting what they need? Fear not - the solution is simpler than you think!

Omegas are good for us – but are omegas good for puppies too? Omegas have their benefits in human food, but for dogs, they can do an awful lot of heavy lifting in keeping our dogs in good health.

Omega-3, Omega 6 - these are all terms that we're familiar with when it comes to our diets. For pets, the same omegas are necessary to look after their health as are necessary for hours. Omega three and six are fatty acids that are common in fish like salmon and herring too. We know that our bodies need these fatty acids to help with skin health, hair health, and nails as well as having an important when it comes to brain development, joint health and heart health too.

As owners, we want nothing more for our pets than the very best. This is why we choose ingredients with added benefits for our dogs. We strive to give them longer lives and make these lives with us even happier and healthier. As we learn more about Omegas and their benefits, it stands to reason that we want to include them in our pet food as well.

Are Omegas Good For Puppies?

Omegas are good for puppies for a variety of reasons. We’ve spoken a little but about this, but when it comes to puppies, this is a big one – brain development.

That’s right, in order to make sure that your puppy has the best chance possible for their future life, we’ve got to lay the foundations in puppyhood. Omegas are wonderful when it comes to fostering brain health. The brain is about 50% fat, and DHA is the most major fatty acid comprised in this, playing a huge role in developing cognitive and retinal health.

Where to find Omegas for Puppies

In utero, puppies obtain omegas and DHAs through their mother, and when they’re born, they need to take this in through their diet. When they’re weaned onto solid food, a puppy food which has high amounts of omegas and DHAs is a great way to take a holistic view of your puppy’s health, and ensure they’re getting all the goodness they need in as simple a way as dinnertime.

Omega-rich Puppy Food

Go Native Puppy Salmon is a specially created puppy food, developed off the back of our popular Go Native Salmon Adult food. It’s packed with freshly caught salmon, from Irish coasts, and this omega-rich salmon-base to Go Native puppy food ensures a rich taste, and a recipe absolutely packed with omegas for your puppy.

Omegas 3 and 6 need to be taken in through our diet, and are an important thing to think about when it comes to looking after your puppy’s development as they start out and continue their journey through life.

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