Fantastic comfort mash!!

This is my first purchase of comfort mash but it won’t be my last!! My horse loves it and I’m delighted with the purchase. I also feed my dogs red mills and they’re in great condition. 5 stars from me, no question!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Ashling Lenane

Red Mills Comfort Mash 18kg

How affective define and shine was on my horse.

The shine of my horses coat impeccable. Thankfully i can see the slow but sure weight gain on my horse. He is looking great ❤️

- Caoilainn Foley

Red Mills Horse Define & Shine 18kg

the best brands for your horse


Balancers are very versatile feed that have been specifically formulated to be fed at low intake. Balancers provide a low calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins and minerals, some also contain additional beneficial ingredients such as yeast and prebiotics. 

Balancers are ideal for good-doers, including those prone to laminitis, as they provide a concentrated source of nutrients needed to balance a forage only diet, without oversupplying calories. Balancers are also an extremely useful way of ‘topping-up’ a horse’s vitamin and mineral intake; for example, if a horse is being fed less than the recommended amount of another hard feed or when appetite is restricted.

When horses sweat they lose vital water and salts (electrolytes) including sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Prolonged sweating during exercise or travelling can result in dehydration which can contribute to reduced performance, early fatigue, muscle cramping and other problems.

All Connolly’s Red Mills horse feeds contain an excellent electrolytes package. However, if a horse has sweated or is on a low intake then additional electrolyte supplementation may be required. Providing a salt lick or adding some common table salt to the feed should be sufficient for horses in light work. For horses that are working and competing regularly, an electrolyte supplement will provide the range of electrolytes they need. The horse should always have access to water.

The best feed for your horse will depend on their temperament, workload and body condition. All the feed in our Horse Care Range are suitable for horses needing a low starch diet, however, in some cases a cereal grain free, ultra-low starch diet may be needed. We’d recommend you get in touch with our nutritionist to discuss your horse’s needs.

Foran Equine Cal-Gro contains all the essential ingredients needed for optimal bone growth and development. Cal– Gro contains key minerals, antioxidants, and the ideal ratio of calcium & phosphorus at 2:1 which supports skeletal and joint health.

Feeding the Competition Horse

Whichever your preferred discipline, many factors such as genetics, fitness, and training can influence performance. The correct nutritional support has a huge role in maximising athletic potential. When deciding on what and how much to feed your horse, their age, workload, body condition score, temperament and health must all be considered.