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  • €10.00

    Haas Diamond Wurzel Grooming Brush

    High quality Rice Boot bristle brush. Its dense robust bristles remove even stubborn dirt with ease. Made with horsehair 215 x 100mm Made in Germany

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    Haas Schimmel Grooming Brush

    A special brush with a mixture of tight, strong coconut fibres. Particularly useful for the grooming of greys. Excellent for stubborn stains. Made...

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  • €15.00

    Haas Parcour Grooming Brush

    Made with a mixture of grey and black horse hair. The combination of these bristles creates a superlative cleaning effect. Tape from leather 7.87 ...

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  • €14.50

    Haas Welsh Grooming Brush

    This brush is made of pure grey horsehair and it is perfect for sensitive horses. Pure grey horsehair is very soft but it actually locks into the c...

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  • €3.50

    Haas Cotton Cloth

    The soft and absorbent Haas cleaning cloth is great for the final polishing touches after you have finished grooming and for cleaning your horse's ...

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  • €6.00

    Haas Curry Comb New Generation Soft

    New Generation curry comb with HAAS' traditional workmanship, made of very soft special plastic for a good massaging effect. 160 x 150mm. Made in ...

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  • €32.50

    Haas Lipizzaner Grooming Brush

    An exclusive horse hair mixture is used for this brush The border is edged with longer black horsehair The shorter bristles for gentle cleaning and...

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  • €16.50

    Haas Fellglanzburste Grooming Brush

    Light, soft, thickly woven horsehair are the characteristics of this brush. It fulfills all the needs for grooming and finishes with a "pampering" ...

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