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Foran Equine - Performance

The Foran Equine PERFORMANCE Range consists of unique and innovative feed supplements providing hydrolysed protein for horses depending on their specific requirements.

This readily available, high quality protein is especially useful in post-exercise recovery and rapid growth phases.

  • Improve Recovery Rate
  • Maintain Lean Muscle
  • Rapid Energy
  • Supports Strenuous Activity
  • Maximise Performance Potential
  • Foran Equine Muscle Max -
    from €21.95

    Foran Equine Muscle Max

    Maximise muscle function, health and recovery with antioxidants. Ideal for: Horses that require extra support to maintain topline Performance hors...

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    from €21.95
  • Foran Equine Pre-Fuel 60 ML -
    from €15.95

    Foran Equine Pre-Fuel Gel

    Rapid energy paste with essential BCAA’s to maximise athletic performance. Ideal for: All performance horses: Who tire easily during competition W...

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    from €15.95
  • from €20.72

    Foran Equine Pre-Fuel & Refuel Gel Combo

    The ultimate Performance & Recovery Combo for Competition. Prepare & Recover in two easy steps with Foran Equine's competition supplement p...

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    from €20.72
  • €84.95

    Foran Equine Muscle Prep

    Optimise muscle development and topline condition utilising readily absorbed protein. Ideal for: Horses with a need for rapid muscle and topline d...

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  • Foran Equine Neutrolac -
    from €20.95

    Foran Equine Neutrolac

    To neutralise lactic acid. Ideal for: Performance horses Features & Benefits: Sodium Acid Citrate – to neutralise acid build up during stre...

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    from €20.95
  • from €33.95

    Foran Equine Pre-Fuel Liquid

    Support energy and promote recovery daily, through readily absorbed BCAA's. Ideal for: Horses in consistent heavy work and intense training. Race...

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    from €33.95