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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Foran Equine Muscle Max


Palatable liquid amino acid, antioxidant and B vitamins combined to support muscle development.

Suitable for: All young stock and sales preparation of mares and stallions.

Muscle Max is a palatable liquid supplement containing L-lysine, vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins to aid muscle build up, particularly in young or weak horses. L-lysine is an essential amino acid necessary for bone and muscle development. Vitamin E and selenium are powerful antioxidants, which guard against cell injury. B vitamins are necessary for protein and energy use within the body.

Both young horses and horses being prepared for sale will benefit from the boost Muscle Max can give to overall lean muscle condition. Breeding stallions and broodmares have an increased need for antioxidants to support fertility. These antioxidants are amply supplied by Muscle Max, along with B vitamins for energy utilization and lysine, a key component of mare’s milk.