HipHoop studplate review by 'Equine Cents & Sensibility'

HipHoop studplate review by 'Equine Cents & Sensibility'

The HipHoof studplate is available in pink and black and is available from our Kilkenny store and online here, along with the matching studs in pink, purple, orange and green.

Product Review of the "Hiphoof" from Hiphoof - Broddplattan och färgade broddar - available from Connolly's RED MILLS and RED MILLS Store in Ireland.

I was delighted to receive this fantastic little gadget to do a review on - as it's something I had seen around facebook, but not yet here in Ireland - and trust me now that it's here - its a necessity for those of you who stud up regularly. 

Instead of having bits and pieces everywhere (like me) this ingenius little stud plate has a threader, spanner, hole cleaner and ability to hold studs all in one! No more wondering where you left the spanner when you drop it in the grass to tighten up a stud and so on. And if you choose to get these brightly coloured studs - no more loosing them either.

Fantastically easy to use - with the stud plate being a good size - there is no faffing around with almost impossible to hold small tools that often accompany studs - and when your hands are cold and wet, its also easy to have everything where you need it. Also very handy when you are dealing with a hard to stud horse as it minimises stud changing times.

I LOVE this product and I can guarantee that if you are a regular stud user - you will too!!! 
HUGE Thanks to Pia from Hiphoof - Broddplattan och färgade broddarand RED MILLS Store for sending me this great little tool 

With huge thanks to Equine Cents & Sensibility for the vlog!


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