How to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

How to Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

We hate to say it, but the cold nights are officially here, so it’s time to make your home extra cosy this winter.

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We love this time of year, and we especially love making our homes as cosy as possible! Here are our top picks for making your home extremely cosy this winter.
Cushendale Owl Silare Mohair Throw Blanket - €190
This generously sized, luxurious Owl Silare mohair throw is made by the Graiguenamanagh-based company Cushendale. Drawing from contemporary influences, this stunning piece seamlessly embodies a distinctive beauty that is unique to Cushendale today. This timeless blanket is made from 70% mohair and 30% wool, ensuring it will keep you nice and snug all night long.

Cushendale Autumn Kilkenny Throw Blanket - €80 
The Kilkenny throw is Cushendale’s signature Irish wool throw, showcasing Irish wool in a modern, contemporary look with a soft, warm finish. Each colour shade has been inspired by the surrounding Kilkenny landscape, individual yarns have subtle contrasting flecks of colour, all dyed, carded, spun, and woven at their mill in Graignamanagh. This gorgeous throw is also available in Charcoal.

Le Chatelard Signature Scented Candle in French Toast - €16.95
Made from 100% vegetable wax, coconut oil, and sunflower wax, this signature scented French Toast candle from Le Chatelard will keep you home smelling delicious all winter long! Perfumed with fragrances developed in Grasse, France, all your guests will be dying to know where you got them. Check out our full range of Le Chatelard products, including candles, diffusers, and soaps.

Herb Dublin Lemongrass Essential Oil Burner Set - €29.95
Make your home extra cosy with this Lemongrass essential oil burner from Herb Dublin. Herb Dublin is driven by both the healing power of plants and the happiness and pleasure that their aroma brings. Lemongrass oils bring you a whole host of benefits, along with a wonderful relaxing scent.

Paddywax Kin Matcha Tea & Bergamot Candle - €13.95
Fill your home with the gorgeous scents of Kin Matcha tea and Bergamot thanks to this Paddywax candle. With shapes inspired by the Japanese tradition of tea and sake, the Kin Collection offers both elegance and practicality. Not only are the ceramic vessels elegant and gorgeous to look at, but they are also dishwasher, microwave, and food safe, meaning that even after your candle is finished, you can use the vessel time and time again. Check out the rest of the Kin Collection and our full Paddywax range on our website today.

Our homes are important, and they're where we spend most of our time in the long winter months, so it’s important to make them as cosy as possible for us and our loved ones to enjoy, and we believe all the items above will help you create your idyllic home this winter.

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