How to Pick the Best Dog Bed

How to Pick the Best Dog Bed

Time to hit the hay? Well, not all dog beds were made equal, so read along to find out exactly what you should be looking for in a bed for your furry friends ...

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Blog by Irene Hislop

Your dog is probably of the opinion that your bed is just fine and they are happy to sleep there. Whether or not you agree, your dog really should have their very own bed – even if they cuddle up with you for the night. Dogs sleep a lot more than we do, and they like to stay near us. So it makes sense to have a bed for your dog in a part of the house you use more during the day, such as the kitchen.  

Dog beds now come in so many styles, it isn’t always obvious which one is best. What looks great to you might not please your furry friend. You want something that your dog will like and that will last. It should also be easy to clean, and yes, it should look good in the room. What exactly should you look for in a quality dog bed? It depends a lot on your dog actually. 

Which Dog Bed Is Best for Your Dog? 

No single bed is perfect for every dog. The most important thing is that the bed you choose is large enough for your dog. Yes, dogs often curl up to sleep but they shouldn’t have to squish themselves into a bed that doesn’t give them the option of stretching out.  

One of the key decisions in selecting a dog bed is sides or no sides. A dog bed with sides will be cosier and warmer. It’s a good choice for dogs with thinner coats, older dogs and more nervous dogs. Dogs with thicker coats, especially larger ones, might prefer the extra room a bed without sides offers. Where you put the bed matters too. If it is by a door, sides will protect against a draft. If it is in a very warm part of the house, sides can make it a little too warm for some dogs. 

A quality dog bed is nice and thick. It needs to cushion your dog’s bone and joints, especially if the dog is older or very lean. It should also be easy for the dog to get in and out of, so for an older dog that means it should also be firm so they don’t just sink into it so much they can’t easily get up. 

If  your dog is a pup or a chewer, look for a bed made of tough materials that can withstand those teeth. And also check the bed regularly for damage so you can make sure the dog doesn’t ingest any stuffing or thread.  

Bedtime Rules for Dogs 

Your dog’s bed is their own space, like their own room. They should be able to retreat to it, especially in a busy household. Children should be taught to let sleeping dogs lie – don’t disturb a dog in their bed.  

Of course, your dog can’t clean their own ‘room’ and they can’t help shedding. Dogs often like to take treats or even mouthfuls of their food to their bed. It can get pretty messy! Beds with removable, machine-washable covers are ideal.  

Yes, your dog will probably choose the sofa or your bed if given a choice. But picking a comfortable, cosy dog bed will make it easier to encourage them to use their own when you want them to.  

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