New in Store - Gill

New in Store - Gill

Gill has become a well-known and trusted brand for the last 45 years. What started as a search for better, more capable sailing clothing has become a world-renowned technical apparel brand, meeting consumer needs both on and off the water.

Founded in 1975 by Nick Gill, Gill first began catering to the needs of sailors who needed clothing that would withstand the harsh conditions on the sea. What started as a small business has subsequently developed into a well-known global brand. Gill is well known for its dedication to innovation and love of the ocean, making it the preferred option for sailors, boaters, and fans of water sports all around the world.
Gill's constant dedication to quality is the foundation of its success. Each piece of clothing is expertly manufactured to the highest standards after being meticulously developed and tested. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or just an outdoor enthusiast, you can trust Gill to provide you with gear that can withstand the elements.
Gill constantly invests in research and development to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their products. From advanced fabric technologies to intricate designs, their commitment to innovation is evident in every piece of clothing they offer.
To make sure that their products fulfill the needs of water sports, Gill works with competitive sailors and sportsmen. These insights are incorporated into the design process to create apparel that is both practical and performance driven. They also understand that saltwater, UV rays, and other elements can be harsh on clothing. Their products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring they remain in great condition for years.
Gill offers a comprehensive range of clothing and gear designed for various water-based activities. Whether you're into competitive sailing, cruising, or simply enjoying a day on the water, Gill has you covered.
Gill is a brand that sets the bar high, not only in terms of performance but also style. This prominent clothing brand has been outfitting sailors and water sports enthusiasts for decades with its high-quality, functional, and fashionable apparel. You can shop our full range from Gill online at or in our store in Cillin Hill.

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