Our Top 5 Rugs This Winter!

Our Top 5 Rugs This Winter!

When choosing which rug best suits our horses there are numerous factors we must consider including size, rug fill and denier

When choosing which rug best suits our horses there are numerous factors we must consider.

These include:

Size: How do we know what size rug to buy for our horse? To ensure you buy a correctly fitting rug for your horse it is best to take measurements. To take an accurate measurement it is easiest done with a flexible measuring tape.
  • To start, stand your horse as square as possible for an accurate measurement
  • Place the tape at the centre of the horses chest approximately where the top buckle of the rug would normally sit
  • Holding the tape measure in place at the chest, run it along the horses body until you reach the furthest point of the rump
  • If your horse’s length falls on a rug size not offered then simply round up to the nearest.
Rug Fill: Is your horse clipped? Is your horse stabled? Is your horse out all year round? Measured in Gram fill, rug fill is the warmth of a rug or as most of us would describe them as Lightweight, Mediumweight and Heavyweight.
  • No Fill: Provides protection from wind/rain without added warmth
  • Lightweight: 100-150 Gram fill
  • Mediumweight: 150-250 Gram fill
  • Heavyweight: 250-450 Gram fill
Denier: The denier of a rug is the strength of the rug. This is determined by thread thickness. The higher the denier of the rug, the stronger the material will be
  • Light strength: 420D
  • Medium Strength: 600D
  • Heavy Strength: 1200D

Considering this, here are 5 must have rugs this winter:

1. Mackey Keadeen Turnout Rug: A mediumweight 250 Gram fill rug with a 600 denier ripstop outer. Available in Plum or Navy in sizes 4’9” to 7’0”. Retailing at €69.00. This rug is ideal for horses with natural coats, especially on a cold winter’s morning to add a little extra warmth.2. Horesware Amigo Bravo 12 Turnout Rug: This super turnout rug has a 250 Gram fill with a 1200D polyester waterproof and breathable outer with a detachable neck. Available in sizes 5’9” to 6’9”. Retailing at €145.00. This rug features a Surefit Neck design with V-Front or disc closure to give freedom of movement with shine enhancing polyester lining, hood and liner loops.

This rug is also available in 400 Gram with 1200D polyester waterproof and breathable outer. Available in sizes 5’9” to 6’6” and retailing for €185.

3. Mackey Keadeen Plus Turnout Rug:  This rug has a 600D ripstop outer and 250 Gram fill. Waterproof and breathable with an anti-rub 210D polyester lining with fleece wither protection. Available in sizes 4’9” to 7’0”. Retailing at €99.00. An online exclusive, this rug is a must have in every rug room.

4. Mackey Lugnaquilla semi high neck Heavy Turnout Rug: This heavy weight rug has a 360 Gram fill with a 1680D (extra heavy strength) ballistic outer. This rug also has a semi high neck ensuring your horse is kept dry on rainy days. Available in sizes 5’6” to 7’0”. Retailing at €123.00. A heavyweight rug of this type is suitable for very cold days during the winter months.

5. Horseware Rhino Original Stable Rug: A strong 1000D polypropylene outer, polyester lining with thermobonded fibrefill and cosy fleece collar. A classic cut design, this rug is available in sizes 6’3” to 6’9”. Retailing at €129.00. This rug features a cosy fleece collar with integrated wither pad to lift the rug and aid in preventing mane rubbing.


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