People Foods That Are Good for Your Puppy

People Foods That Are Good for Your Puppy

Should your dog be eating human food? This can be a tricky topic. Read on for our expert opinion!
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Blog by Irene Hislop

What your pup eats now lays the foundation for their future health. Good nutrition helps them develop strong bones and muscles, a robust immune system, a healthy heart and an active brain. Feed them the best today and you will be rewarded with a healthier adult dog later. We’re proud to put a lot of work and education into our dog food brands so that you can choose the kind of food that your dog needs.  

A second way puppies are babies is that they instinctively put everything into their mouth. It’s one of the main way a puppy learns about the world.  

It’s true that dogs of all ages are convinced that we humans are eating better food than they are. It’s tough to argue that point! And your pup will gobble up any people food they can. While some foods such as chocolate are toxic, others are actually good for your growing pup.  

Feeding table scraps can lead to some bad habits such as relentless begging, but some healthy, wholesome people foods are fine. But what human food can puppies eat?  

Can Puppies Eat Any Kind of Meat? 

Dogs love meat, and they thrive on a primarily carnivore diet, but not all meat is the same. Your puppy shouldn’t eat processed, salty meat like sausages, for example! 

While some people swear by raw food for dogs, plenty of experts disagree and say the risks of food poisoning and other problems is too great. Fully cooked but without any kind of sauce or seasoning is recommended for the following meats: 

  • Pork – This can be a great option for dogs who have food intolerances. 
  • Beef – Always popular with the canine set, beef is its many forms is sure to be a hit with your pup. 
  • Lamb – This is another good one for dogs with sensitive tummies, featured in our Leader Sensitive
  • Chicken – Dogs love chicken, just remember that chicken bones are especially dangerous because they splinter easily. 
  • Turkey – Like chicken, watch for bones, but also remove the skin and any fat. 

Puppies can enjoy some other forms of protein too. Eggs are excellent for their skin and coat, although safest if cooked. Peanut butter on a puzzle toy can keep them entertained for a while, but be very sure that the brand you choose is 100 percent peanuts and no xylitol. Xylitol is an increasingly common sweetener, but it is extremely dangerous for dogs.  

Healthy Fruit and Veg for Your Pup 

When we think about what human foods can puppies eat, fruit and vegetables are rarely at the top of the list of things we consider. But your dog might surprise you! 

  • Apple – A yummy treat with lots of antioxidants and vitamins A and C. 
  • Broccoli – Full of fibre and vitamin C, raw or cooked broccoli can benefit your pup in small amounts. Carrots – Many dogs love to chomp on whole raw carrots. It can be a fun way to keep your puppy busy while providing beta-carotene and fibre. It’s also good for their teeth. 
  • Melons – For dogs with a sweet tooth, cantaloupe is a great way to get loads of vitamins into them safely. Dogs should not eat the rind or seeds of any melons. 
  • Pumpkin – A popular option for soothing unsettled canine tummies because of its fibre content, pumpkin is also full of vitamin A and antioxidants.  
  • Spinach – This is a leafy green that is good for growing pups.  

Dangerous Foods to Avoid 

Chocolate is at the very top of the list of dangerous foods for puppies, but some fruits and vegetables make the list too. 

Avocado contains persin, which is toxic for dogs. While the skin and pits are the most dangerous, the flesh also makes dogs sick. On the bright side, you don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing your avocado toast. 

Grapes in all forms – including raisins and sultanas – cause kidney failure in dogs. Remember this includes cooked foods such as raisin breads, cakes and puddings. No wine for your puppy either! 

One reason that dogs should never have food with sauces or seasonings is that these very often contain garlic or onion, and those are both dangerous to pups of all ages. The entire allium family including leeks and chives are toxic to dogs and cause anaemia and a rapid heartbeat. Symptoms can be delayed by days. 

As a rule of thumb, when you are giving your puppy human foods, don’t overdo it. A little is great to boost their nutrition, but really they should be on a complete food that meets all of their needs as they grow. That’s one reason not to rush to adult dog food too soon. Giving your pup a little human food is a more about mental stimulation than nutrition. But be warned – if you feed your dog from the table while you are eating they will consider it an invite to join you for every meal! 


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