Tips for keeping horse flies at bay this summer

Tips for keeping horse flies at bay this summer

Fly season has well and truly arrived! They are a torment whether your horse is enjoying time out at grass or on a leisurely hack. There is no avoiding them. Although a nuisance, there are a few methods to manage the fly levels around you and your horse:

  • Repeat spraying of fly repellents. Personally I use Carr & Day & Martin Flygard Extra Strength Spray and find it brilliant. I have also used Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray with great effect. But with any fly spray they only last a certain period of time so repeat applications throughout the day are necessary.
  • The addition of a garlic supplement can also be effective at repelling flies. Foran Equine Sweetened Garlic Powder is a traditional garlic preparation for horses.
  • A fly rug is also another option. There are many types of fly rugs. The Loveson Zebra Print Fly Rug is a great fit, with an all-in-one neck design and extra-large belly flap with mane and shoulder lining for added comfort.
    • Did you know certain types of flies like horseflies find zebra stripes very unappealing!?!
  • Empty out, clean and refill all water troughs regularly to remove any larvae. (It is also vital to ensure you top up your horses water on a regular basis in the heat)
  • Pick up manure from your horses paddock

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