We are going live! Instagram Live!

We are going live! Instagram Live!

Join us for our first Instagram live this Tuesday, 4th of October 2022, where you can shop our latest stock all from the comfort of your own home.

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We are going live on Instagram, so get ready! We are thrilled to announce that every Tuesday at 7pm we will be going Instagram live as we countdown to Christmas.

Our top picks, hand-picked sale items, and some of our stunning new stock that has just arrived in-store will all be featured during our lives.

In our first Instagram live, King Louie will be featured. True vintage enthusiasts Ann Berlips and George Cramer launched King Louie in the early 1980s by selling their best finds at Amsterdam's Noordermarkt.

Every new collection by King Louie begins with prints. And the patterns and prints used in these prints are almost always vintage inspired. King Louie creates women's clothing with a unique vintage-inspired product design in the most environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, King Louie aims to use more environmentally friendly materials in each collection, such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, Tencel, LENZINGTM, and ECOVEROTM. Today, 70% of all materials used are more environmentally friendly.

In addition to King Louie, we will also be showcasing some of the stunning new pieces from the Fairfax and Favor Olive collection during our Instagram live on Tuesday 4th October.

What’s more, there might be some exclusive discount codes for our online to use during the duration of our live 😉

Make it in your calendars, set your do not disturb and sit back and enjoy all the gorgeous fashion! We can’t wait to ‘see’ you all there!

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