Foran Equine Equi-Lyte G Sachets

Each box contains 30 sachets of 60g. 

Essential powdered electrolytes with added Vitamins C and E

Suitable for: Performance horses.

Essential, specifically formulated, powdered electrolyte mix to replace loss during exercise with added vitamins C and E. Equi-Lyte G restores electrolyte levels after sweating to help maintain fluid balance, promote faster rehydration, maintain appetite and improve muscle recovery post exercise. Vitamin C and E are added to Equi-Lyte G as powerful antioxidants to help reduce cellular injury and aid muscle recovery.

Equi-Lyte G’s powdered format facilitates easy dispensing either directly in feed or mixed with water to create a paste for direct administration. Equi-Lyte G is palatable, helping horses eat up well after exercise.

Water should always be freely available once electrolytes are given to facilitate rehydration.