Dimacci Ascot horse bit bracelet in mocha & gold

This piece of jewellery is perfect for riders, horse and fashion enthusiasts. Whether as a birthday present, or for Christmas - the perfect choice for jewellery lovers and riders. The realistic reproduction of a horse bit gives the bracelet an elegant look which works equally well on men as it does women. 

The silver looking horse bit is made of pure stainless steel. The bracelet is adjustable in size by means of a classic and at the same time modern clasp. Each horse bit bracelet is produced in Germany and delivered in an attractive gift box. The leather bracelet is the ideal gift for women-riders.

This Horse bit bracelet is made of  naturally pumped calfskin and is double-wrapped. 35 operations are required to produce a bracelet of this quality. Only a trained seamstress can make these bracelets with a sewing machine. A decorative stitching adorns the high-quality leather surface. The lower leather from German manufacturers gives a dreamlike wearing feeling.