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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Foran Equine Coppervit


An organic Copper supplement fortified with Vitamin E, Manganese, Biotin and Vitamin B12.

Suitable for: All horses, particularly Mares and Foals

Copper has many benefits for mares and foals. Copper deficiency can occur due to dietary imbalances, high levels of molybdenum or pasture variations. Copper influences fertility in mares, elasticity of tissues and skin condition. Foals and growing horses need adequate copper for correct development of bone structure. Copper is most influential in terms of addressing developmental orthopaedic diseases when regularly supplemented via the mare from late pregnancy and up to 12 months of age.

Horses in Competition or Training

As bone is a dynamic structure copper is required throughout the life of the horse. With its role in maintaining tissue elasticity (including the heart) it has an important role to play in the performance horse.

Showing Horses and Sales Prepping

Copper enhances skin and hair condition and when fed alongside Kentucky Karron Oil will produce a natural sheen and depth of colour.