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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Foran Equine Feratone Syrup


Iron boosting syrup  with added B vitamins and copper to promote red blood cell formation.

Suitable for: Performance horses and all horses suffering from iron deficiency anaemia.

Concentrated iron boosting syrup with additional B vitamins and copper to aid red blood cell formation, helping to maintain blood volume. Feratone contains a high concentration of iron in an easily absorbed and readily available format.

Increased performance demands, illness recovery, pregnancy, lactation and rapid growth phases in horses often increase dietary iron requirements. Feratone provides for this increased iron need in an ideally formulated supplement. Poor performance in competition horses can improve with iron supplementation.

*Iron deficiency anaemia can be treated using Feratone. Recommended period of use is 2-4 weeks or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.