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Free Shipping on orders over €25

Foran Equine Friska Foal


Palatable multi-vitamin and prebiotic syrup to support foal development and gut health. 

Suitable for: Foals, particularly during times of stress.

Friska Foal is a highly palatable, sweet syrup containing a multivitamin and prebiotic to support a foal’s nutritional needs. Friska Foal contains a concentrated mixture of essential vitamins;

• Vitamin A to aid mucosa development and eyes

• Vitamin D for calcium absorption

• Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant which supports the immune system

• Folic acid for cell division and growth

• Biotin for healthy hooves

• B vitamins for protein and energy metabolism

• Prebiotic designed to promote healthy gut bacteria and aid in calcium absorption.

Friska Foal can be used as a supplement to complement mare’s milk and during times of ill health in foals to support growth and development by providing essential vitamins. Prebiotic supplementation is especially beneficial during times of foal scour.