Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box
Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box
Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box
Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box
Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box

Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box

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Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box

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Herb Dublin Irish Seaweed Bath Box comes with hand picked Irish Seaweed bath.

  • Atlantic Sea Salt candle
  • Epsom salts with hand blended essential oils
  • Ayurvedic dry brush
  • Seaweed Bath

All in Herb Dublin's signature wooden gift box.

“There must be many things a hot bath won’t cure but I don’t know many of them” Sylvia Plath.

Irish Seaweed

It packs a powerful health punch in so many ways! A weekly seaweed bath can stimulate lymph circulation and help return your lymphatic system to optimal performance. The lymphatic system washes and filters waste products from your body’s cells and tissues, carrying these wastes to elimination organs such as the kidneys, liver, and skin.

Researchers say seaweed bathing also helps boost your immune system, heal surface wounds, firm and tone the skin, reduce cellulite, and helps the skin retain moisture.

Epsom Salt

Helps relax muscles and relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, back, and skull. For example, by relaxing the muscles surrounding the skull, the magnesium in Epsom salt may help release a headache. Hand blended essential oils were added to Herb Dublin salts to increase relaxation and ignite the senses.


Light your candle, run the bath, and simply lay back while your body soaks up all this incredible goodness and eliminates all the bad.

All Herb Dublin seaweed is sustainably hand harvested with love to protect our seas for generations to come.

About Herb Dublin

Rachel McCann created Herb Dublin from pure passion. If you know Rachel you’ll know that she is extremely vocal about healthy living, eating and constantly driven to find simple ways to improve health from the garden to the sea.

As Rachel always says “Everything that we could ever need was given to us by Mother Nature, you just have to know where to find it”. Driven by all things natural and healing from the ground up, her passion for good health is as addictive as the products and fragrances that she creates!