Design Your Perfect Riding Helmet with Samshield & RED MILLS

Design Your Perfect Riding Helmet with Samshield & RED MILLS

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Adding to our line up of premium equestrian brands, we are delighted to be retail partners of Samshield riding helmets. Create your own custom Samshield using our configurator or pop into our store at Cillin Hill in Kilkenny for a fitting.

Samshield is the result of a mix between the young pro rider’s needs, the young designer’s creative energy and engineer’s technical vision. Samshield’s philosophy is to always propose advanced products in terms of active and passive security, comfort, hygiene, material and finish quality as well as customization. Modern riding demands innovation, Samshield added elegance and distinctiveness.

Driven by the passion to propose the most performing products Samshield always and will always make professional riders like Kevin Staut, Steve Guerdat or Bertram Allen test its products before launching it on the market.

Samshield has been able to create helmets which are specifically adapted to show jumping, dressage, racing, polo and eventing activities in terms of protection and comfort.

 How it all began...

The creator of Samshield, Sam Maloigne, after being motocross/supercross international professional pilot from 1980 to 1990, and then Sales manager at Oakley eyewear, begins to ride in 2003 with competitor horse rider friends in CSO. He buys his first riding helmet, the flagship product of the time, and he is immediately disappointed by its technical failures. He notes that some professional horse riders are also unsatisfied.

Passionate about beautiful products, and especially helmets (he is collecting all his customized helmets from his career MX), he decides to start a project to create riding helmets that will bring more active and passive security, more comfort, with high quality materials and customization ability.

Olivier Taco, designer student and creator of Iguaneye shoes spotted at the time by Oackley, together with three young future talent of the CSO (Nicolas Delmotte, Simon Delestre and Kevin Staut) help him to develop his product. Strongly influenced by Jim Jannard, the creator of Oackley, Sam keep in mind the philosophy of the American genius for the other products that he will create: “launch a product only when you are sure that it will be the best of the market”. Later on, he will continue to solicit the same designer and the same horse riders, being now among the best horse riders of the world.  


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