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How We Fed Dogs Across Ireland

How We Fed Dogs Across Ireland

It’s been beyond a pleasure to work with the amazing humans behind some of the hardest working pet charities in Ireland. Having the chance to give back and support these charities is the best part of our work, and we are so grateful to all of our customers and clients for working with us to give back. 

In January and February of 2022, we started an ambitious project, working with four charities across the Republic of Ireland. Our goal was to partner with our customers, and to guarantee that for every bag of Red Mills pet food sold in the Republic of Ireland, we would donate a meal to a dog in need.  

We had the opportunity to work with four amazing pet charities, all based in different corners of Ireland.  

Dog’s Aid 

Dog’s Aid started out in 1987, set up by three ladies to help unwanted and abandoned dogs in Ireland. Since then, they’ve rehomed hundreds of dogs and cats.  

No recoverable pet is ever put down, meaning Dog’s Aid is home to many elderly and ill dogs and cats who are cared for right there.  


Deise have been doing their great work in Waterford since 2010. They are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals, primarily dogs from high-kill pounds and owners who can no longer care for them. They work with amazing volunteers to keep everything running smoothly! Deise also provides education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, microchipping and Veterinary care. 

ASH Animal Rescue 

ASH Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and is based in Rathdangan, Co.Wicklow. Since 1990, they have taken in hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats. They have a strict no-kill policy, so they make a permanent home for pets who cannot otherwise find one.  


Madra Animal Rescue in Galway is dedicated to looking after the dogs in their care and finding them permanent, loving homes. They use their influence and educational powers to help people become more informed in how best to look after their pets. 

It was so important for us to be able to work with charities across the country to make sure that when customers purchased their pet food from their local shop, they could rest assured that services in their area would benefit from their generosity.  

When the figures were in, we worked to allocate the sales from local areas to the charity in the region, and worked with the charities to be able to receive their donation.  

In total, with your help, we donated 89,953 meals to dogs in need! 

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and purchased in January and February, and to our amazing charity partners, ASH, Deise, Madra, and Dog’s Aid for working with us.  


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