Top Reasons You Should use a Fly Rug and Fly Mask on Your Horse This Summer

Top Reasons You Should use a Fly Rug and Fly Mask on Your Horse This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and so are all the flies and insects. Read on to find out why fly rugs are so important for your horse and what are the best fly rugs we have to offer.
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Summer can be one of the best times of the year, warmer weather, longer days but it can also be one of the most annoying times of the year for horses. Summer brings an increased number of flies and insects that can cause a lot of distress and problems for horses. Prevention is better than cure, which is why we believe it is critical to equip your horse with a fly rug and fly mask as soon as possible. A fly mask and fly rug should be included in your horse's spring/summer wardrobe to protect them from biting and irritating insects, as well as dangerous UV rays. As a result, they can rest and enjoy themselves while grazing outside.

Sweet itch is a common issue for horses during the summer months. Sweet itch, also known as Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis or Equine Insect Bite Hypersensitivity, is caused by an allergic reaction to the protein in the saliva of biting insects. This causes the immune system to attack its own cells and leads to the extreme reaction. Fly Rugs protect your horse against flies and insects, preventing sweet itch. The Mio Fly Rug in Bronze & Navy from Horseware is an great affordable Fly Rug. This rug is made from a knitted polyester material and features a silky lining across shoulder, mane, and tail flap to prevent rubbing. This rug also features an integrated hood to protect your horse from harmful UV rays. The Mio Fly Rug also offers two cross surcingle’s for a secure fit and it is also available in a pony size.


Mio Fly Rug in Bronze & Navy

UV protection is required for horses, just as it is for humans. Sunscreen has the same effect as fly rugs and fly masks. This protects light-coloured horses and those with pink skin from sunburn and skin cancers while also reducing coat bleaching in dark horses. The Amigo Aussie Allrounder Fly Rug in White & Green from Horseware is made of 100% UV-resistant fabric that protects the horse's coat from UV damage while also keeping flies at bay. This water-resistant fly rug has a breathable polyester ripstop covering with Front Leg Arches for better mobility, as well as Cross Surcingle’s and a wipe-clean tail strap for a secure fit. The Amigo Aussie Allrounder Fly Rug also includes Horseware's Patented Disc Front Closure, which relieves strain and eliminates shoulder rubbing in a lightweight design, as well as a Detachable Hood to adapt to your horse's needs and weather circumstances.

Amigo Aussie Allrounder Fly Rug in White & Green

Photosensitivity is a type of sunburn caused by chemical imbalances in the horse's body. Certain plants, medicines, or liver illness can all contribute to these abnormalities. Both pigmented and non-pigmented parts are affected. The Horseware Amigo Fly Mask helps to prevent this as well as protecting the white areas on your horse’s face. This fly mask is contoured to fit your horse’s head snugly, reduces irritation from flies and reflects sunlight. The durable textilene body, comfortable fleece edging and soft ear protection makes it the perfect fly mask to protect your horse all summer long.

Amigo Fly Mask in Silver & Dark Grey

Keeping flies at bay during the summer can be a difficult undertaking, a fly rug and a fly mask can provide complete protection for your horse, keeping them happy and healthy. Shop our full collection of fly rugs and fly masks online or in our store in Cillin Hill.

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