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  • €110.00

    Foran Equine - For-Recovery

    Support the equine athlete with the power of Ubiquinol CoQ10. Ideal for: Those requiring additional support during the recovery period Horses who...

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  • from €9.95

    Go Native - Duck with Apple & Cranberry

    Go Native Duck with Apple & Cranberry is made with 70% delicious free-run Irish duck, this grain-free, hypoallergenic recipe is blended with na...

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    from €9.95
  • from €5.50

    Go Native - Treats with Duck

    Duck is an excellent source of high-quality protein, containing generous amounts of essential vitamins such as A, B & E as well as iron, making...

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    from €5.50
  • €14.95

    Foran Equine - Copper-Max

    Chelated copper and zinc paste for optimal absorption Ideal for: All horses, especially those: Not receiving a daily feed Grazing on copper defici...

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  • €15.70

    Carr & Day & Martin - Ice Blue Leg Cooler Gel

    Quickly cools and soothes hot or tired legs. Fast acting, easy to use leg cooler gel that quickly soothes hot or tired legs. Ice Blue contains a nu...

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  • Sweetened Garlic Powder -
    from €53.95

    Foran Equine - Sweetened Garlic Powder

    A complementary feedingstuff for horses.  Garlic is proven to be good for the overall health of the horse and acts as a natural fly repellent. 15g ...

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    from €53.95
  • Carr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge -

    Carr & Day & Martin - Horse Care Sponge

    High quality sponge for cleaning all areas of the horse A high density, quality sponge that will last you all season. Ergonomically shaped and very...

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