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  • €16.90

    Organic Layers Pellets 20kg

    Composition: Organic wheat, organic maize, organic soya exp, organic sunflower exp, calcium carbonate, organic peas, prairie meal, dicalcium phosph...

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  • €14.26

    Red Mills Rabbit Pellets 20kg

    Red Mills Rabbit Pellets

  • from €3.68

    Red Mills 15% Layer Pellets

    A complete feedingstuff for laying hens. Composition Wheat, Barley, Maize, Calcium Carbonate (limestone Flour), Sunflower Seed Extracted, Soyabean...

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    from €3.68
  • from €4.20

    Red Mills 20% Broiler / Chick Starter Crumb

    A complete feedingstuff for young broilers and chicks up to 4 weeks of age. Ideal For:  Chicks up to 4 weeks old Composition Wheat, Soyabean Ext...

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    from €4.20